boss friendship clubHISTORY 

It is difficult to trace all of the plans and conversations that led to the creation and development of Boss Friendship Club (BFC). Like many ideas, it grew from both a series of informal conversations over many formal and informal discussions during meetings. The passionate contributions of many people and institutions coalesced to cultivate the networks, connections, and intellectual curiosity required to establish this Club.

Now with its overwhelming rapid growing membership strength of over 2000 very successful and notable leaders from all works of life, the BFC has become one of the largest international interdisciplinary leadership organization devoted solely to the triumvirate of the practice, research, and teaching of leadership. The BFC is one of the few organizations to actively embrace leaders from all spheres of lives into its membership folks, including academics, consultants, private industry, public, youth and student leaders.

From the start, the founding fathers were encouraged to explore the cross fertilization of diverse sectors to include disciplines, cultures, nations, institutions, and professional roles. The founding goals were to bring together founders and captain of industries and organizations from diverse fields of human endeavour, with a burning desire to encourage and strengthen the bond of true friendship among them and also assist them in creating Maximum impact in their chosen career, within their lifetime.

In November 2013, the BFC Board began the first strategic planning process to build a solid foundation for the organization’s early growth. That Strategic Plan narrative, with four strategic initiatives to guide the BFC’s development, was reviewed by the BFC leadership and volunteer implementation teams were created. The initiatives guided the collective efforts of the BFC staff, Board, and membership.

The beauty of its strategic planning is that it is generative. The first Strategic Plan was based on the foundation built by the successes already recorded, an assessment of the current landscape, and the perspectives of each of the BFC’s members and beneficiaries.

The Second Strategic Plan builds on our past with anticipation and excitement for our newly incorporated not-for-profit membership organization. It is designed to guide the BFC’s strategic growth while maintaining flexibility to leverage emerging opportunities and the experience and talents of the BFC membership. Through our diverse talents and collective efforts, we will continue our work to promote a deeper understanding of leadership knowledge and practices for the greater good of individuals and communities worldwide.


The Boss Friendship Club has worked since its founding to achieve a shared, secure and sustainable future for all categories of Leaders. The vision and aspirations of the Club remains a beacon today – not just for Governments, but also for the thousands of companies and civil society organizations that have become key partners in tackling our world’s most pressing challenges.

Delivering a better future for all requires action by all – an increasingly clear proposition for businesses everywhere as environmental, social and economic challenges are more relevant and urgent than ever before. Progress has been made within the business community to orient towards sustainability. A growing number of companies are adopting a principles-based management and operational approach, and corporate sustainability is charging ahead as a collaborative and innovative space for action based on the risks and opportunities at hand.

Now, the challenge is the transition from incremental progress to transformative impact on markets and societies. Doing so will require aligning and scaling up corporate sustainability efforts within a global architecture designed to drive business action and partnerships on a massive scale. The Boss Leadership Summit 2014 will put forward this new architecture and begin a process of engaging business participants and key stakeholders in its development and implementation leading up to 2020 and beyond.